Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact: How to Complete

Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact: How to complete the quest
Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact: How to complete the quest / miHoYo

Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact is a quest that requires a keen eye and an extraordinary amount of travelling.

There are a plethora of unmarked locations in miHoYo's latest open-world fantasy RPG, Genshin Impact. In Teyvat, What looks like a pile of nameless rubble could be part of an ancient underground city ruin. Players may gloss over important locations without even batting an eye—a concept spotlighted with the game's Nine Pillars of Peace.

Here's everything you need to know about the pillars.

Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact

In order to open the pillars, players first need to find them. This can be a bit tricky, however, as they are entirely unmarked and need to be specifically sought out. Those looking to uncover this quest should scout out the middle of Cuijue Slope—just under the location's "u" letter.

The pillars will be arranged in a circle with a stone in the center, holding a quest for a temple nearby. However, the temple will remain inaccessible until all nine pillars are unlocked.

Unfortunately, this is an extremely lengthy process. Pillars can only be opened using each corresponding Stone of Remembrance, which can only be obtained by fully upgrading the local Statues of the Seven via Geoculus items. Once all the Stones are collected, players can head back to the pillars.

Opening the pillars is as simple as finding the glowing orange panel on each one and activating it. Doing so will consume a Stone. Unlocking all the pillars will result in access to the temple interior and several difficult battles.

Fortunately, the ensuing onslaught is well worth it, as players will find a chest at the end of the crawl. A Royal Flora Legendary Artifact awaits inside along with a valuable ring to be sold at Xigu Antiques and a fitting amount of EXP.