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Optic Warzone 2 $100k Tournament: Format, Prize Pool, Winners


Optic's Warzone 2 tournament consisted of nearly 80 content creators who competed against each other for the top spot and $100k.

Having the best-of-the-best and well-known content creators was a great reason to watch Optic's Warzone 2 tournament, especially after the long wait for the game to be officially released. For fans wondering about the details of the Optic Warzone 2 tournament, including who won and how much money was on the line, this article is for you.

Here are all of the details on the Optic Warzone 2 tournament.

Optic Warzone 2 $100k Tournament: Format

As the tournament was split between two days, there were two different formats used. The first was most kills wins, double elimination style between eight teams. The second day was between 32 different teams in a swiss format tournament.

Optic Warzone 2 $100k Tournament: Prize Pool

With all of the big-name content creators competing, fans were sure that the prize pool was going to be a memorable one. From the nearly 80 competitors, they all competed to win the $25,000 prize, meaning the tournament had serious stakes.

Optic Warzone 2 $100k Tournament: Winners

The overall winners of the Optic Warzone 2 $100k tournament were Daltoosh and Cloakzy. They managed to secure the win over their opponents in the grand finals without losing a single time, making them the champions of the tournament.