Orbeeanna Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Photo by Riot Games

Orbeeanna was revealed as one of four new League of Legends skins coming to the game alongside skins for Heimerdinger, Ziggs and Nunu & Willump.

These bee-oriented skins are some of the most popular in League of Legends. Four new champions joining the skin line adds to a now total of nine which previously included skins for Kog'Maw, Malzahar, Singed, Teemo and Yuumi.

Here's a look at the new Orbeeana skin coming to League of Legends

Orbeeanna Skin Splash Art

Photo by Riot Games

Orianna's new bee-inspired skin includes splash art that sees her sitting in a field in a black and yellow outfit. Additionally, her ball has been turned into a bee as well.

Orbeeanna Skin Price

A price for Orbeeanna hasn't been outlined yet, but it's expected that it will be 1,350 RP once it hits live servers. That tends to be the standard nowadays for new League of Legends skins, plus this skin drop only features four new skins. Expect Riot Games to price the four new bee skins at 1,350 RP.

Orbeeanna Skin Release Date

A release date for Orbeeanna isn't confirmed yet, but based on past trends the four new bee skins are expected to arrive March 2. Riot Games traditionally teases new skins a patch in advance, and patches go live every other Wednesday. So, March 2 is the logical date.

How to Get Orbeeanna in League of Legends

Once Orbeeanna hits live servers, players will be able to buy the skin from the game's official store with RP. Additionally, players can hope to get the skin shard or a permanent unlock through the game's Loot tab.