Origin 12 Warzone Loadout: How to Build the Best Origin 12

Origin 12 Warzone Loadout
Origin 12 Warzone Loadout / Image via LoochyTV (Youtube)

Origin 12 Warzone loadouts have been on the rise, as its one of the most powerful guns inCall of Duty Modern Warfare. The Origin 12 is an automatic shotgun that dominates in close quarters combat. It is especially good at clearing outbuildings and fighting in the confined urban areas around Verdansk.

YouTuber LoochyTV made an awesome guide on the Origin 12 that features a great build for Warzone.

While the gun is extremely powerful, it can have a tough time reaching enemies at a distance. To compensate, make sure you have a long-range weapon equipped with the Origin 12 so you don't get hung out to dry.

Let's take a look at which attachments you should put on your Origin 12!

Origin 12 Warzone Loadout

Monolithic Suppressor

The Monolithic Suppressor is a natural choice for the Origin 12, as it increases the gun's range and suppresses sound. Since the gun has a limited range, the extra distance can mean the difference between life or death.

FORGE TAC Precision

Another attachment that adds damage range. As with the Monolithic Suppressor, the extra range is crucial for this shotgun and should be a real focus with the gunsmith.

5mW Laser

This attachment will give you a faster ADS speed when exiting a full sprint. This is crucial, as you will be relying on speed when using this class.

12 Round Mags

The 12 Round Mags are important, as the gun is rapid fire. This will allow you to make sure the last few points of damage get home before having to reload.