Original Apex Legends Event Skins Return During Wintertide Collection Event

Respawn Entertainment, screenshot by Ralston Dacanay

With the Wintertide Collection Event off and running in Apex Legends, many players are noticing that a number of cosmetics released long ago for a limited time have made their way back to the in-game store.

For those looking to pick up some rare event cosmetics, here's a breakdown of the OG skins arriving in the Apex Legends store during the Wintertide Collection Event.

As initially revealed by prominent Apex Legends leaker HYPERMYST, a number of rare OG cosmetics are returning to the in-game store this month via the Seasonal Event Offers tab.

From Dec. 6 to Dec. 9, the Breach and Clear Bundle (1,800 Apex Coins), Riding Dirty bundle (1,800 Apex Coins), Elegant Mechanics Bundle (2,500 Apex Coins), No Surprises banner pose (500 Apex Coins) and Going Dark Bonus Bundle (500 Apex Coins) were available for purchase in-game.

Here are all of the returning favorites scheduled to drop in-game for the rest of the event:

Dec. 9 - Dec. 13

Respawn Entertainment
  • Seeing Red Bonus Bundle
  • Jaeger Bundle
  • Boot Camp Bundle
  • Head Over Heels
  • Quick Change Artist

Dec. 13 - Dec. 16

Respawn Entertainment
  • Cybernetic Payload
  • Swish-buckler
  • Synthetic Huntress Bundle
  • Shaper Image
  • Sliced and Diced

Dec. 16 - Dec. 20

Respawn Entertainment
  • Wired for Speed Bundle
  • Death Dealer Bonus Bundle
  • Combat Survivalist Bundle
  • Little Trickster
  • Hot Pursuit Unlock Bundle

Dec. 20 - Dec. 23

Respawn Entertainment
  • Necrosis
  • The Burgundy Knight
  • Rumble Ready Bundle
  • Recoil Control
  • From the Deep Unlock Bundle

Dec. 23 - Dec. 27

Respawn Entertainment
  • Sacred Divinity Bundle
  • Petty Theft Bundle
  • Clocktane Bonus Bundle
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Flickering Ember

Ultimately, if you've been waiting on the surprise return of any of these cosmetics, or simply are interested in purchasing them on first glance, now would certainly be the time considering how fast this sale is going.