Original Mafia Free on Steam Starting Sept. 1

Courtesy of 2K

The original Mafia title will be free on Steam starting Sept. 1. The game based around gangster culture that originally released in 2002 has spawned two sequels with another reportedly on the way.

Despite lacking the incredible sales of many of its contemporaries, the original Mafia gained a large amount of critical acclaim, at least on the PC. The game came out only a year after Grand Theft Auto III and contained a comparatively more lively city that GTA only got closer to achieving after releasing follow-up games Vice City and San Andreas. Over time, Mafia has become somewhat of a cult classic and seen sequels released every few years.

In 2020, 2K released the definitive editions of the original Mafia as well as Mafia II. These definitive editions feature a complete overhaul of the graphics as well as an entirely new recording of the voices.

2K will be letting players download and keep the original Mafia starting Sept. 1, but only the original 2002 release and not the definitive edition. All of the Mafia titles, besides the original, are currently on sale on Steam even before Sept. 1. This includes both definitive editions for Mafia and Mafia II as well as Mafia III.