Osimhen POTM FIFA 20 Rating: Did He Improve?

Lille OSC v Nimes Olympique - Ligue 1
Lille OSC v Nimes Olympique - Ligue 1 / Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

Osimhen POTM FIFA 20 rating is something players hoped to know to see what impact the French-league star would have on their Ultimate Team roster. The new card for the Nigerian striker was introduced on Thursday, so he is being prospected by many as a potential addition to their team, but just how good is he?

Osimhen FIFA 20 Rating

Osimhem has an 83 overall score, making him a solid piece to have on a team, as he boasts great stats in almost every important stat for his position. He has amazing pace, alongside well rounded dribbling and shooting. With this card, he still lacks mainly on defense, which really doesn't matter for a striker but also has certain issues in his passing game.

Osimhem's full basic stats in his POTM card are as follows:

Pace: 90
Shooting: 84
Passing: 76
Dribbling: 81
Defense: 44
Physical: 82

With his stat and skillset, many players have been finding great success fielding Osihem with the Sniper Chem Style, where he is boosted to an 89 rated striker.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images