Outer Worlds Duplication Glitch Discovered

The Outer Worlds duplication glitch is easy to perform
The Outer Worlds duplication glitch is easy to perform /

The Outer Worlds has a duplication glitch allowing players to stack up infinite wealth and items. The glitch can be done at any point in the game, on any difficulty, and with any item. Here's how to execute it.

Outer Worlds Duplication Glitch: How to Dupe Items in The Outer Worlds

This glitch functions slightly differently on the Supernova difficulty, so we'll start with the lower difficulties first. Find any surface on which items spawn — you'll be able to tell if there is already an item on the surface, such as ammo on a crate. Porches, decks and building foundations can also work. Choose a surface close to a fast travel location, such as the foundation by the Roseway fast travel location.

Stand directly in front of the surface you want to use and drop the item you want duplicated. Fast travel to that same location and return to the spot where you dropped the item. Pick it up, then repeat. You should find another copy of the item on the floor every time.

To speed up the duplication process, drop a stack of the item you're hoping to double instead of just one copy.

This glitch only works reliably with single items, but stacks seem to work consistently.

The process is essentially the same on Supernova, but it behooves you to choose a spot close to your ship, as it's the only location the player can fast travel to on that difficulty.

If you're looking to get rich quick in The Outer Worlds, you'd better get duplicating. There's no telling how long Obsidian will leave this glitch in the game.

Photo courtesy of Obsidian/Private Division