Outer Worlds Power Decision: Which Faction to Choose

Outer Worlds Power Decision is a quest called "Comes Now the Power" in the Outer Worlds and an early one to boot. The game makes players choose between multiple factions and sides.

Players will need to choose between rerouting power for the Edgewater or the Deserters. Which one should you choose?

Outer Worlds Power Decision: Which Faction to Choose

You start the mission by talking to Reed who asks you to bring the breakaway group home to bolster his workforce. Make your way to the Deserter's camp and talk to Grace Romero at the entrance and say you’re looking for the Geothermal Plant. You'll be introduced to Adelaide and given the option to tell her about Reed's offer. She'll then giver you a counter offer, turn off the power to Edgewater instead.

Once that's done, you have a few options to choose from:

  • Reroute to Edgewater and let all the Deserters die
  • Reroute to Edgewater and convince most of the Deserters to return
  • Reroute to Edgewater and convince all the Deserters to return, but depose Reed as the boss of the town
  • Reroute power to the Deserter Camp
  • If you side with the deserters, you'll be confronted by Reed and some of his goons. You'll need to pass an intimidation check or start fighting. Either way, you lose Spacer’s Choice and The Board reputation.

    The best choice for the most reputation for both sides, is to bring home the deserters and let Reed stay.

    Photo courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment