Overcast Weather Added to Erangel in Latest PUBG Update

PUBG PC Patch 4.2 patch notes went live Wednesday adding a new weather element to the game's original map, Erangel.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS PC Update 4.2 is the second update during Season 4. It includes more gameplay updates and quality of life fixes. Erangel, PUBG's first map, received a new weather feature adding another dynamic to it.

Here's everything you need to know about Erangel's new weather.

Overcast Weather Added to Erangel in PUBG PC Update 4.2

Overcast weather is a new dynamic added to Erangel. "When a match starts with overcast weather on Erangel, the weather will change dynamically over the course of the match between overcast, windy, hail light rain, heavy rain (rain with lightning and thunder) and fog.

Erangel also had new destructible objects added to it following its grand visual update in Season 4. Fans are excited to see PUBG Corp give the original more love and care.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp