Overwatch 2.63: April 18 Patch Fixes Genji Bug

Overwatch 2.63 is the latest update to the Overwatch franchise. It was released on April 18.

The patch is rather small, but fixes a rather annoying bug involving Genji.

Overwatch 2.63: Fixes Genji Bug

The patch fixed a rare bug where Genji couldn’t use any of his abilities until he reloaded or used his melee attack. It makes sense that this patch was so small as Overwatch Patch 2.62 had some big inclusions like Havana.

The description from the trailer's YouTube page reads as follows: "Havana is a new Assault map set in the region where one of the infamous members of Talon’s council, Maximilien, operated. For a time, this shadowy organization plagued the local populace with their corruption and crime. Eventually, an Overwatch Strike team was deployed to extract Maximilien with the purpose of gaining intel on a mysterious Talon counterpart, Doomfist."

Photo courtesy of Blizzard