Overwatch 2 Antarctic Peninsula Detailed

Antarctic Peninsula offers frigid combat.
Antarctic Peninsula offers frigid combat. / Blizzard

Overwatch 2 is heading far, far south for Season 3. Blizzard recently announced that a new map will be coming to Overwatch 2 next season: The Antarctic Peninsula. Here's what you need to know about this chilly new addition to the game.

On Feb. 3, Blizzard tweeted to show off the new map, including some fun Easter eggs and surprises in store for players who explore the new map. For example, Antarctic Peninsula will feature a fishing minigame, Mei lore, and penguins (luckily, they cannot be killed).

Overwatch 2 Antarctic Peninsula Detailed

Over the past several days, Blizzard has released several closer looks at the gameplay of the new map and its overall design. The map is a Control map, meaning its central objective is to capture and hold an area in the middle of the map for as long as possible.

Based on early examinations of the materials and screenshots Blizzard has released about the map, the Antarctic Peninsula looks to be a close-quarters map with plenty of opportunities for cover play and fast-paced skirmishing. Despite being located in a place as remote as Antarctica, the map looks almost urban in its design, featuring plenty of tunnels, corridors, columns and structures.

Antarctic Peninsula looks to be an intriguing addition to Overwatch 2's stable of maps. For those trying to work out preliminary strategies to use on the new map, art director Dion Rogers had this to say in a group interview as reported by Polygon:

“There’s a lot of protection from flying characters on this particular level. So you’ve got to be careful when you do a peekaboo take strategy — you might catch a rocket from Pharah.”

You'll be able to see more of the Antarctic Peninsula when the Season 3 trailer drops and when Season 3 releases this week.