Overwatch 2 Applying Update Stuck: How to Fix

It's always annoying when an update doesn't work.
It's always annoying when an update doesn't work. / Image courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch 2 is constantly receiving updates, including new balance changes, new events and other new seasonal content. Sometimes, however, players are confronted with an error that prevents them from accessing the new content. While this may be frustrating, fixes do exist.

If you are stuck on Overwatch 2's "Applying Update" screen, there are some steps one can take to solve the error.

Overwatch 2 Applying Update Stuck: How to Fix

Before applying fixes, you should make sure Overwatch 2 is not ongoing maintenance. In order to add new content, Overwatch 2 developers must take the servers for the game offline temporarily while they are working on updates. If you are stuck on the "Applying Update" screen, it may be because developers are still implementing the update and you are just early to the party. The Overwatch Twitter account regularly provides updates about maintenance periods.

However, if there is no indication that Overwatch 2 is undergoing maintenance, you can try the following to remedy the issue:

  1. Restart Overwatch 2
  2. Restart your system
  3. Verify that Overwatch 2 is up-to-date in the Battle.net client (Check for Updates)
  4. Uninstall, then reinstall the game
  5. Contact Blizzard support if issues persist

If you follow the above steps, it is likely that your issues with the game will be solved and you will be able to proceed past the "Applying Update" screen. This way you'll be able to jump into the game and take part in new content, like the Battle for Olympus event, which is ending soon.