Overwatch 2 'Bug' Saves Sojourn From Falling Off the Map

"That is a bug!"
"That is a bug!" / Blizzard Entertainment, ItsSomjuu, screenshot by DBLTAP

Throughout the beta test days, Sojourn wasted little time establishing herself in the Overwatch 2 meta.

At launch, the game's newest DPS is still far from a weak pick, with a kit that is simply devastating to go up against if the person using it is hitting their shots.

However, one recent clip perhaps shows that Blizzard has taken things too far, as it appears players can manipulate her Power Slide to rubberband themselves from even falling off the map.

As shown in the 15-second clip tweeted by somjuu on Wednesday, this Sojourn player and their team were on their last legs of defense on Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

With over three minutes of clock to hold out for, most DPSs in this situation would likely burn out their clip and fall, thus almost certainly conceding defeat.

However, whether it's by accident or design, the Sojourn player then backpedals off of the ledge of the map.

Instead of panicking, the Sojourn then calmly reloads their gun and magically floats back up safely.

It's hard to tell when and what part of the cliff exactly that they were able to slide on, however, it seems this can be easily repeatable as they didn't seem to panic whatsoever.

Ultimately, it is unclear at the moment whether this is a bug or something that Blizzard intends to be a part of Sojourn's skill ceiling.

If it's the latter, this certainly only helps Sojourn's case of being a must-pick DPS in the early days of Overwatch 2.