Overwatch 2 Community Gets Hyped Over New Roadhog Ability

Overwatch Roadhog
Overwatch Roadhog / Courtesy of Blizzard

An Overwatch player has suggested an ability change to Roadhog from Overwatch 2 that players are excitedly rallying behind.

The Overwatch 2 beta released on June 28, and besides a few visual reworks, new characters, and new maps, several balance changes have been made to pre-existing mechanics and champions. One of the biggest changes players have noticed was the nerf to healing, which significantly decreases the effectiveness of healing abilities in the game. While this has worried players who main healers, one Roadhog player suggested an idea on Reddit that's seemed to excite the community in its innovativeness.

Overwatch 2 Community Gets Hyped Over New Roadhog Ability

Roadhog is a tank unit in Overwatch that uses a hook to pull enemies close before taking them out with his Scrap Gun. Additionally, he has a breather ability he can use to recover health. Because of this ability, along with the nerfs to CC being made in Overwatch 2, Roadhog threatens to become significantly weaker in the new game. However, Reddit user u/swamp_god made a post on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit on how to protect Roadhog from getting destroyed with the system changes.

The post suggests that Roadhog's breather switches to be run on a resource meter, like Bastion in the original game. This way, he would still be affected by the healing nerfs, but he'd have more leniency to heal in combat rather than being rendered useless by anti-heals or stuns. The post also suggests it being used as a sort of Defensive Matrix for teammates if needed.

This new idea, paired alongside somme heal rate and damage resist adjustments, seemed to be a hit amongst others in the subreddit. Many strongly supported the idea, discussing possible adjustments that could be made to the character to make it more balanced, realistic, and fun to play with and against. While official changes being made to Roadhog in Overwatch 2 haven't been announced, it's clear players have their own ideas on what Blizzard should do.