Overwatch 2 Competitive Unavailable: How to Check Status

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is known for doing regular maintenance on the live servers of their games, and Overwatch 2 is no exception. Here are some possible resources to keep track of when maintenance will occur.

Playing Overwatch 2's live servers, players are sure to run into incidences when Competitive will be unavailable due to maintenance being performed. With all of Overwatch 2's overhaul of new features, this is one from Overwatch 1 that has remained consistent. Due to the competitive feature taking place on live servers, this is the most noticeable feature that will fall during scheduled maintenance periods.

Even though these periods may seem unavoidable and coming at the worst times, players can keep track of these moments with these two recommendations below.

Overwatch 2 Competitive Unavailable: How to Check Status

Even before logging into into their game, players can see if there will be any form of scheduled maintenance on their Battle.net application. There will be a yellow triangle in the top right of their screen announcing how long the scheduled maintenance will take, and the day(s) it will take place on.

Additionally, there is a third-party website, DownDetector, that will track reports of outages of players for Overwatch 2, and report them on a graph for people here.

Maintenance is ultimately an integral part of the Overwatch experience, so making sure that you are keeping track of when it is happening so it doesn't affect your experience too much is crucial.