Overwatch 2 Dev Confirms Current Ranked System is Here to Stay

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 was released a few months ago, and the Ranked system has been altered from the original game.

Similar to the Ranked systems in other games, Overwatch 2 has seven Ranked tiers that range from Bronze to Grandmaster. Additionally, there are five divisions within each tier that will help players keep track of their progress. An important thing to note is that a player's rank from the original Overwatch will carry over into the sequel.

The major change about the new system is it took away SR (Skill Rating) per match, which was similar to LP (League Points) in League of Legends. In order to replace SR, Blizzard opted to show a player's Ranked progress after winning seven games or losing 20 games. A player's rank can stay the same, increase, or even decrease upon reaching either threshold.

There was intrigue and excitement with this new system, but players have recently expressed their dislike towards it.

Overwatch 2 Dev Confirms Current Ranked System is Here to Stay

The main complaint from the player base is that the new Ranked system feels unrewarding. Despite everyone's frustration, an Overwatch 2 developer has stated that they will not revert back to the SR model from the original Overwatch.

The developer indicated that there will be new changes to the current model, with updates on the way to inform the players about them.

Although the original ranked system will not return, this developer update has left players hopeful that the current Ranked system will be salvaged before the start of Season 3.