Overwatch 2 Dev Reveals Potential Moira Changes Are 'Down the Road a Bit'

"For Moira, want to make sure we get it right."
"For Moira, want to make sure we get it right." / Blizzard

With the first season of Overwatch 2 reaching its midway point, and many of the technical launch woes in the rearview, Blizzard has once again begun to bring the focus back to its Hero balancing plans.

Aside from its upcoming patch bringing nerfs to Sombra, Genji, Zarya, D.Va and Kiriko on Nov. 15, however, many are wondering about the status of controversial geneticist, Moira. After all, the support notably didn't see much of a rework heading into Overwatch 2 after her Necrotic Orb ability didn't make the final cut.

According to Blizzard lead hero designer Alex Dawson, it appears there still won't be much happening with Moira just yet.

During Dawson's quick Q&A on Twitter, the dev was met with a question asking whether or not a rework for Moira was in Blizzard's plans.

Unfortunately, however, it does appear that any changes for Moira are on the backburner for now.

"For Moira," Dawson wrote, "[we] want to make sure we get it right. Tons of people love her playstyle, so we want any added utility to not break her flow and approachability. Have some ideas, but [they're] down the road a bit."

Ultimately, it is perhaps no surprise that many are eagerly awaiting to see some change made to Moira's kit. Although she is classified as a Support Hero, many seem to think that her abilities don't encourage players to fill that role properly.

"Moira just needs to be changed in a way that more incentivizes healing," @SamuelChurch14 replied to Dawson on Twitter, "because most people I see playing Moira play her because they want to get a ton of frags without dealing with DPS queue times."

Season 2 of Overwatch 2 is expected to begin on Dec. 6, complete with a new hero and a new map.