Overwatch 2 Developers Tease Changes Coming to Healers

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The developers are beginning to share more information about Overwatch 2 as the game nears it unannounced 2022 release date. Recently, the sequel's hero design and balancing team hosted a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) on Thursday, Oct. 14.

The team hosted their AMA on the r/CompetitiveOverwatch subreddit, most of the questions revolved around the additional playtest footage recently released on YouTube by Blizzard. The AMA revealed a lot more information about Overwatch 2 and the changes that fans may see. Among the tease changes, developers revealed that Support heroes would likely see less healing output come Overwatch 2.

During playtesting, healers across the board temporarily had their healing reduced by a massive 25%. In the AMA, developer Josh revealed that this change has since be abandoned and they will focus on tweaking each support hero's healing output by various amounts individually.

Moreover, Josh revealed that the development team is looking as altering many of the impactful utilities at healers disposal such as "Mercy Resurrect, Ana Sleep Dart/Biotic Grenade, [and], Zenyatta Discord."

Healers in their current form have too much healing output and would be too effective in Overwatch 2. Due to only having one tank to focus on "the average time to kill [became] much higher and many fights stall[ed] out longer." Consequently, the team is looking to reduce Supports' healing power and allow team fights to be briefer and happen more frequently.

Here is developer Josh's full statement on the potential changes coming to healers:

While an overall blanket nerf of healing by 25% will not be coming alongside Overwatch 2, Support players should expect changes to their favorite heroes that will make them less impactful.