Overwatch 2 Devs Interested in Adding More of D.Va’s MEKA Squadmates

Image courtesy of Blizzard

One Overwatch 2 developer has expressed his enthusiasm for adding more MEKA pilots to the game, hinting they could eventually arrive as playable heroes.

In an AMA on Reddit earlier this week, Overwatch 2 developers spent some of their time answering questions fans had about the game's development and release processes.

D.Va in the Overwatch lore is both a professional gamer and pilot of a weaponized mech suit as a part of the Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA). MEKA was formed to combat a robotic uprising, and a handful of D.Va's teammates on MEKA squad are known, mostly through their inclusion in comics and other forms of content Blizzard has produced around Overwatch. None have yet been made playable.

When one commenter, u/Simp4Dmon, asked the developers if they have future plans for the MEKA Squad, Senior Hero Designer Joshua "JNoh" Noh said there were no official plans yet in place — but that he'd "love to have more of the MEKA Squad in the game. I'm also a big fan of them!"

Overwatch 2 recently received its release date and a content map setting out Blizzard's plans for the game's live service updates and battle pass release schedules. The roadmap lays out releases for four new heroes in total, one of which is confirmed to be a tank, over the course of the game's first two seasons. Those releases stretch through December, so if another MEKA pilot is not yet officially planned, the earliest it could arrive in-game would be in 2023.