Overwatch 2 Devs Working on Season 8 Hero and Maps for Season 13

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Blizzard is already play-testing heroes and maps for later seasons even though Overwatch 2 has yet to release. According to an interview with Eurogamer, Blizzard is always looking ahead and whether it's cosmetics, heroes, or maps, the company is always working on new content. Two developers had the time to talk to Eurogamer including Commercial Lead Jon Spector and Game Director Aaron Keller.

The process began with how Blizzard works on Mythic level skins stating, "One of the things about mythic skins is that it takes us more than a year to build...that whole pipeline, start to finish, is more than a year. So we are working on mythic skins already that you won't see until the end of 2023 and beyond."

The quote already opened the conversation about how far ahead Blizzard has to think and things just progressed from there. Then the cadence of content came up and Blizzard plans on releasing significant content every nine weeks which may seem like a lot.

But as the two developers mentioned, for those that play the game a lot, nine weeks without content can make the game stale. But then the tension of rushed content comes to the front with players worrying about things becoming unbalanced. Blizzard has assured the community that everything is tested properly.

"For instance, we've been playtesting our Season Eight hero for months now. We're working on maps that I think are released in Season Thirteen.

That means Blizzard has a mass amount of content already planned for Overwatch 2 and will be testing it months out from its launch or even announcement.