Overwatch 2 Doomfist Rework Detailed

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Wondering about the Doomfist rework in Overwatch 2? We've got you covered.

Blizzard Entertainment announced that they are making big changes to Overwatch 2. Instead of six players on a team, there will only be five players on each team. That means there will be two damage heroes, two support heroes, and one tank. With tanks tasked to protect their whole team, their role is more significant than ever before. With these changes, Blizzard revealed that they are two major hero reworks coming to the tank class: Doomfist and Orisa.

Here's everything coming in the Doomfist rework.

Doomfist Rework Detailed

Here's what's being changed in the Doomfist rework:


  • Now a tank!
  • Health increased to 450

Hand Cannon

  • Ammo recovery increased to once every 0.4 seconds
  • Damage reduced from 6 to 5 per pellet

Power Block

  • Protect yourself from frontal attacks. Blocking heavy damage empowers Rocket Punch
  • Empowered Rocket Punch travels faster, further, and deals increased damage


  • Ability removed

Rocket Punch

  • Max charge time reduced to 1.0 seconds
  • Impact damage reduced to 15-30
  • Wall slam damage reduced to 20-40

Seismic Slam

  • Now launches you just like Winston's leap
  • On landing, it deals damage and slows enemies

Ultimate: Meteor Slam

  • Now adds a slow to all enemies hit
  • Outer ring damage reduced to 100-15
  • Activation time reduced to 0.5 seconds

Most notably, it seems that the rework is changing Doomfist from a damage hero to a tank. You can try out the new Doomfist rework on April 26, when the Overwatch 2 Beta goes live.