Overwatch 2 Feb. 21 Update Adds Symmetra Fixes: Full Patch Notes Listed

Cupid Hanzo.
Cupid Hanzo. / Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has rolled out a brand new patch for Overwatch 2, tackling some major bug fixes that have been plaguing games as of late.

With the success of Overwatch's Loverwatch event, players have been causing a lot of havoc with Cupid Hanzo. This new event turns Overwatch into a dating sim, letting players live out their best fanfic ideals. But, naturally, the event hasn't been without its hiccups.

As with any live service update, a number of bugs have crept in, making life a little more difficult for Overwatch's regular players. Fortunately, Blizzard has been on the case, issuing a brand new patch on Feb. 21. Here's everything that was added in this latest update.

Overwatch 2 Feb. 21 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

Bug Fixes


  • Modified the way Streamer Protect obfuscates Battle Tags
  • Fixed a bug that caused Loverwatch player titles to not display
  • Fixed an issue in the career profile where it displayed blank rankings for Competitive Role Queue
  • Fixed an issue where if you owned all items in the Hero Pack, the price would display as 0.00
  • Fixed an issue with the Season 3 banner not displaying when a player first logs into the game this season
  • Challenges with multiple sub-criteria should now track correctly (For example - All-Star, Role Mastery, etc.)
  • Mastery of Love and Blushing Pink event challenges now correctly display the 5000 XP reward gained from completing the challenges. (Note: If you completed these challenges before this update, you already received your XP. This was a visual issue only.)
  • Fixed a visual issue during Competitive Updates for players in Top 500
  • Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity values with a decimal would be rounded to a whole number
  • Fixed a bug where players would end up with a negative balance after making a purchase
  • Legacy Credits in the Battle Pass are now silver instead of gold



  • Echo will no longer revert to their original form when duplicating Junkrat during Rip-Tire


  • Fixed in a previous update - Fixed the cast time for Symmetra's Photon Barrier being too long
  • Fixed in a previous update - Fixed an issue where Symmetra would lose the ability to cast new Sentry Turrets if they were destroyed by the environment