Overwatch 2 Genji: New Remodel for the Cybernetic Ninja

Overwatch 2 Genji made quite an appearance in the "Zero Hour" cinematic, which is the first story-progressing cinematic of the Overwatch universe. We've seen snippets of the story in the past and events leading right up to the Overwatch Recall cinematic. But this is the first time we got to see what happened next.

With all the changes, including a new PvP mode and new heroes, the character redesign might be overlooked.

Overwatch 2 Genji: New Remodel for the Cybernetic Ninja

New Genji finally put some clothes on! The sweatshirt-plus-sweatpants combo gives him a real street ninja vibe. Blizzard has yet to reveal Overwatch 2's full cast, but expect substantially more redesigns to come in the near future.

The redesign was promised for all 31 heroes in the game, so that means the Talon cast of characters will also have new looks. Jeff Kaplan promised that no one would be left behind and Overwatch owners would be able to play new heroes and maps for Overwatch 2, while playing on the original game. But does that mean you'll get the new design for the current list of heroes as well?

As much as Jeff Kaplan cleared up some of the confusion, questions still remain.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard