Overwatch 2 Gold Weapons: How to Get

Blizzard Entertainment, screenshot by DBLTAP

Overwatch 2's golden weapons are available to unlock for every hero in the game. From completing specific challenges to earning competitive points, here's everything you need to know about getting golden skins in Overwatch 2.

While players can aesthetically enhance their heroes with skins from the in-game store or special rewards from the battle pass, receiving golden weapons requires a different process. Overwatch 2 has a unique golden skin for every weapon in the game, and players can earn these customizations through competitive play challenges.

Overwatch 2 Golden Weapons Guide

When tackling the competitive play challenge and unlocking competitive play, gamers should win 50 rounds in quick play. However, players who have already reached level 25 in the previous Overwatch game can skip this process.

After gaining access to competitive play game modes, gamers should engage in competitive rounds and receive competitive points. Golden weapons cost 3,000 competitive points. Players will gain 15 points for each win and five points of each draw at the end of a match.

With 3,000 points, gamers can then head to the main menu and select the heroes category. This selection will lead to a display of all the heroes in the game, and Overwatch players can choose a certain character with the intentions of giving them a golden weapon. Gamers should then peruse down to the weapons option on the lower part of the customization list and choose the golden option.