Overwatch 2 LoverWatch Dating Sim Explained


Blizzard has announced an upcoming Dating Simulator game today as a spin-off for Overwatch entitled 'LoverWatch' to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day.

The 'non-canon' LoverWatch is going to release Feb. 13, with around 30 minutes of gameplay time, according to Blizzard. There are going to be two love-interest routes available; Genji and Mercy. Even though not pursuable, Hanzo will appear in the game to guide the player along whichever route they are playing.

The gameplay will consist of players between dialogue options to further their progression along each route, and in typical dating-sim fashion, getting to a "good" ending requires picking the conversation option that will please either Mercy or Genji.

LoverWatch will be available to play in six different languages; English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Overwatch 2 LoverWatch Dating Sim Announced

Players who beat the game and get the "secret" ending will get a themed highlight for Play of the Games in their copy of Overwatch 2.

There have been fan requests for an official Overwatch dating sim for a while, particularly once fan-made games exploring the concept further had released some time ago.

As Blizzard has made this idea into reality, it is unclear as to whether or not they will keep going deeper into this idea in the future, either for future Valentine's Day celebratory events or simply an entire spin-off game with every Overwatch character entirely.

Once the game releases Feb. 13, players will be able to access it online here until Feb. 28.