Overwatch 2 Mercy Rumor Allegedly Becomes Reality

Photo of Mercy and Pharah (Overwatch)
Photo of Mercy and Pharah (Overwatch) / Photo via Overwatch / Blizzard

Rumors plague game creation constantly, but this one on Overwatch 2's Mercy seems to take the cake.

Basically, the ability gives Mercy can be able to give another teammate her flying/float ability for a short amount of time. The regular cooldown would be 20 seconds, but that is changed to six seconds if the teammate it's given to chooses not to use it.

This choice, unfortunately, would mean the removal of her Resurrect ability.

There are mixed reactions from fans of the series. With some being excited, some not really caring, and others being extremely disappointed.

Twitter user appleciderwitch said, "I am going to be a Debbie Downer here but I actually think this sounds really broken, especially as it concerns tanks or heroes like Bastion. I also think getting rid of rez is faulty."

It seems as though not everyone is a fan of this possible change, which means that, if this was considered at some point, Blizzard may decide to switch courses and scrap the change all together.

Another Twitter user, AliasTitanium, wrote, "I question the legitimacy of these leaks. Removing Resurrect, while a good move in my opinion, seems highly unlikely."

Whether Blizzard decides to make this choice or not, the idea of it clearly has fans divided and unsure about Overwatch 2's gameplay.