Overwatch 2 x One Punch Man Collaboration Announced


Overwatch 2's first anime collaboration has been revealed today to be in the form of 'One-Punch Man' cosmetics, and they will be releasing on Mar. 7, Blizzard revealed today.

Doomfist has been the first one announced to be receiving a skin from this collaboration, with more cosmetics going to be revealed as time goes on before the collaboration officially drops. Doomfist's skin will be based on Saitama, the main character, One-Punch Man himself.

Despite the lack of official confirmation as to who will be receiving skins aside from Doomfist, fans of both the anime and the game have been trying to deduce who may be receiving a skin. There are many potential options that Blizzard could go with, so this method of producing hype is seeming to be incredibly effective.

Overwatch 2 x One Punch Man Collaboration Announced

Blizzard stated here that the skins would be available to receive from Mar. 7 to Apr. 6, giving players an entire month to earn the skins. Some will be available through challenges that are 'themed', and others being attainable through methods not clarified.

As soon as the other characters receiving skins are announced or revealed, all details will be able to be found here. As stated previously, the skins will be released in increments up until Mar. 7.

The One-Punch Man and Overwatch 2 collaboration was one of many announcements made today and more information on the other Overwatch 2 updates can be found on DBLTAP.