Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi Limited Time Event Announced


Pachimari takes center stage in Overwatch 2 as players have the opportunity to get a Roadhog skin (among other cosmetics) dedicated to the fan-favorite character in the new limited-time event, ParchiMarchi, announced today.

Blizzard revealed that there will be a new themed Kill Confirmed game mode in Overwatch 2 dedicated to Pachimari starting Mar. 21. There will be cosmetics given in intervals of three as players win more and more games during this game mode.

At three wins, players will receive a Pachimari player icon, at six wins, a Junkrat emote, and at nine wins, players get an Epic Roadhog skin. But, the event-specific items do not end here.

Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi Limited Time Event Announced

There will be six new sprays that players will have the chance of receiving during the event. Further, Blizzard has said there will be six new Pachimari player icons, a weapon charm, and a name card available as well, but these were not pictured in the video trailer nor on the official announcement page.

The PachiMarchi event ends Apr. 4, and it is unclear as to whether players be able to get these skins and other cosmetics in the future, so it's better to play it safe and experience as much as the event is offering as it runs.

Players will receive an additional Pachimari player icon just by logging in at any point during the event, which will be available from Mar. 21 to Apr. 4.