Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi LTM End Date


Blizzard has rolled out the PachiMarchi event in Overwatch 2, featuring a new PachiMarchi LTM. Here's when it's set to end.

Overwatch 2 came out towards the end of last year as a free to play sequel to the original Overwatch game. Although Overwatch 2 is not as popular as it once was, there are still numerous people playing the game to try out the ranked system changes and new characters that have been released in the sequel.

In order to draw even more attention to the game, Blizzard has opted to bring back a limited time game mode that was first released in 2021. This event is called PachiMarchi and focuses on Roadhog collecting items to unlock various rewards.

There are a selection of available rewards for players to grab: an Epic skin, weapon charm, name card, and profile icons. People can also get a reward for just logging into the game during the event.

With all of this special loot, players need to know when the limited time game mode will conclude.

Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi LTM End Date

The end date for the PachiMarchi game mode is set for Apr. 4, with Blizzard allowing players to test it out over the next two weeks. PachiMarchi is currently available for people to play on live Overwatch 2 servers, as the event officially started yesterday.

Although players have until Apr. 4 to gain all the rewards and play the game mode, there is no definite return date for PachiMarchi, so players should play it as much as possible while it is still available.