Overwatch 2 Pre-Release Patch Notes Possibly Leaked

courtesy of Blizzard

With the final beta period of Overwatch 2 over and the Overwatch League season coming to a close, Blizzard has focused its attentions on polishing the sequel ahead of its October 4 release.

In the flurry of Overwatch 2 leaks over the past week, a new batch of supposed patch notes revealed changes to several heroes following the beta close.

Nine characters are anticipated to be changed when the patch update takes place, assumedly before the game's release.

Although Blizzard has yet to address the myriad of leaks that range from new heroes being locked behind a battle pass to existing character buffs, the pre-release update has since been affirmed by Dallas Fuel, an Overwatch esports team.

Junkerqueen's Commanding Shout will receive a significant dial-back, as allied health bonuses drop from 100% to 50%, duration shrinks from 5 to 3 seconds, and the cooldown jumps from 11 to 15 seconds.

Sojourn's railgun gain from hitting non-enemy targets (i.e. props) will be reduced by 50%.

Among the other listed changes were buffs to existing heroes, like D.Va and Orissa, who will see increased boost damage and buffed health and armor hit points, respectively.

Baptiste, Sombra, Bastion and Reaper will also see added benefits to their abilities, while Brigitte's Inspire ability will be reduced from 6 to 5 seconds.

Across the board, all heroes will now only see a 50% reduction in ultimate charge as opposed to no ultimate charge when given temporary health. As for general housekeeping, bug fixes have been implemented on Junkerqueen's Commanding Shout.