Overwatch 2 PVP Beta's Orisa Rework Has Sparked a Character Debate

Some Overwatch fans are frustrated by the character implications from Orisa's Overwatch 2 reworked kit.
Some Overwatch fans are frustrated by the character implications from Orisa's Overwatch 2 reworked kit. / Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Some Overwatch fans are frustrated by the character implications from Orisa's Overwatch 2 reworked kit.

The Overwatch 2 PvP Beta has been a hot button issue for fans on both sides. Some seem to enjoy the new heroes, abilities, maps, and plot while others haven taken issue with the game's creative decisions. This discussion has boiled over into the official Overwatch subreddit board where fans have already begun tossing around suggestions on how Blizzard should further adjust the sequel content. One of the biggest topics appears to be what should be done with Orisa.

In a post titled "I Think Orisa's 'Rework' Should've Been an Entirely Separate Hero," jayjaybird0 goes on to make the argument that, in their opinion, the kit that was assigned to Orisa should have gone on to be a completely separate character.

Overwatch Fans are Not Happy about Orisa's New Character

"Just about the only thing they kept from her original design is her silhouette," they explain, "Her original kit fit her theme. And her theme was good: a kid built a Hero who would keep her beloved city safe and made sure to give her a heart...Now her theme is more like, 'Stay out of my way or I'll run you over.' [I mean], really, did anyone else's personality get changed as significantly as Orisa's?"

One comment by HWshawchi
illustrates this well
: "Orisa 1.0: 'Tracer, how do I know when it's the right time to act?' Orisa 2.0: 'Tracer, did you just call me slow? Start running, NOW!'"

As far as what to do with the abilities given to Orisa, jayjaybird0 has a suggestion:

"A lot of people find the idea of a Greek Hero to be an unexplored niche with potential. Having an anachronistic Greek warrior who wields and throws spears with a fierce attitude practically writes itself. They didn't need to destroy the existing Orisa in order to add this new kit and personality into the game," they wrote.

Others seemed to agree with jayjaybird0's analysis, with one user, 17times2, writing, "Even seeing the javelin for the first time was like "where did THAT come from". If you put all her new moves on a new model, you'd have no idea they're supposed to be an existing character, minus fortify."

"I wonder if she was too strong? Because you're correct in that she had so many abilities that I'm sure will be repurposed into another hero. I feel like there is a world where both anchor tank orisa and javelin tank hero both exist." Ctrain10 wrote, going on to mention the voice lines removed from the hero ⁠— likely in the face of recent racially-motivated atrocities.

LavenderSpirals wrote, "I like Orisa's rework a lot. But I also felt like it didn't fit her. She's an adorable character and being so aggressive instead of protective kind of felt off for me."

Others believe there may be a sensible lore component to Orisa's character change ⁠— namely, the death of her creator, Efi.

"What if they threw some shit in the story like Efi dying somehow and Orisa just becomes a complete savage after that. Would that justify the attitude change?" Da_JuiiCeMann wrote.

"In retrospect [Moira's interaction with Orisa] and the one with Sojourn make me think the conspiracy people have been saying here might have some weight. I realized she speaks about Efi in both in a way that could imply she's speaking in past tense," replied Familiar-Recording33.

Getmeagf seemed to agreed, adding, "i definitely think it was a lore occurrence. i mean, come on, one of her new voice lines is literally “answer for what you’ve done”. something definitely has happened."

Blizzard Entertainment has yet to comment on this change or any planned reveals for Orisa.