Overwatch 2 Report Reveals Orisa, Doomfist Reworks, Sojourn Abilities

Sojourn's Power Slide is said to make her quite mobile.
Sojourn's Power Slide is said to make her quite mobile. / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

A major Overwatch 2 leak has reportedly revealed the extent of changes to Orisa and Doomfist, in addition to detailing Sojourn's abilities for the first time.

Orisa's new kit abandons all but her Fortify ability, which now provides additional HP, per GGRecon's report. She now sports an ability called Energy Spear, which launches a javelin that knocks enemies back and deals extra damage when knocking them into a wall. She also has a new 'E' ability, Spear Spin, which destroys projectiles in front of her while providing her additional movement speed and pushing enemies.

Her new ultimate, Terra Lance, pulls enemies in a large radius, reducing her damage taken and making her immune to crowd control effects while channeling the ability. The longer she channels the ability, the more damage it deals.

Doomfist's rework is, in some ways, just as extensive. He has moved to the tank role, with an attendant HP increase. Rocket Punch deals significantly less damage, but is more versatile thanks to a new skill called Power Block. This allows him to absorb damage for a short amount of time, charging his Rocket Punch to around its damage levels on the live build of Overwatch. Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam have merged into a single ability, the slam of which provides a much wider area of crowd control.

Sojourn is said to be overpowered in the current build of Overwatch 2. Her rail gun ability lets her kill 200HP heroes in a single headshot. Her Disruptor Shot is a grenade-like field that slows enemies in the area around it, and her Power Slide ability allows her impressive horizontal and vertical movement on a five-second cooldown. GGRecon's sources compared it to a more fluid version of Baptiste's Exo Boost.

Blizzard has not commented on the leaks. An Overwatch 2 beta is slated to begin in late April.