Overwatch 2 Reworks: Three You Need to Try

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The beta is finally out for Overwatch 2, and with it comes a ton of herp reworks. While not every character has received a major overhaul, there are a select few characters who've been completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Here are the top three worth checking out first.

Overwatch 2 Reworks: Three You Need to Try

1. Bastion

Bastion started out as one of the most hated characters in Overwatch, alongside Mei and Cassidy. Through subsequent nerfs he became less broken, and then proceeded to live as a mediocre hero. However, it looks like Blizzard has sparked some new life into Bastion with a ton of changes.

The first major being his new Recon Mode rifle, which had its accuracy enhanced to an extensive degree and a reduced fire rate. This turns the gun into a marksman rifle, and allows Bastion to play at much longer ranges instead of either up close with his older rifle, or a sitting duck with a minigun. Speaking of the minigun, Bastion's Ultimate and Assault mode got mashed together, with Bastion now being able to move in his old tank form while equipped with his minigun, making him much more viable in game modes that require constant movement.

His ultimate also received a rework, turning him into an artillery cannon that can pump several bombs wherever he wants.

2. Sombra

Sombra's rework is mostly centered around enhancing her role as a stealthy infiltrator. Her hacking ability cooldown was changed to be 50 percent faster, but its ability lockdown function has been reduced significantly, from five seconds to one.

However, the hack allows you and your team to view the enemy for eight seconds, along with granting Sombra a damage boost of 40 percent. Her stealth has received a massive buff, granting Sombra the ability to hack within stealth, making her visible for a short time as she does so. Her ultimate still hacks enemies, but now also deals up to 40 percent of an enemy's current health.

3. Orisa

Orisa Rework
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Of all the characters, it seems Orisa had the most work put into her to make her the most viable. Her primary fire has been completely redesigned. It now fires slower, larger shots of energy that deal less and less damage the farther out they go. Plus, it now utilizes an overheat mechanic rather than a traditional reload mechanic.

Her biggest change in abilities however, is the replacement to her shield ability: the Energy Javelin. The ability gives her an explosive, long range ability that can deal a respectable amount of damage, stunning enemies and dealing even more damage if the enemy is knocked into a wall. It also leads to a secondary ability called the Javelin Spin, where she twirls it in front of her to protect against projectiles and boosting forward movement speed.