Overwatch 2's Mercy Has a Broken 'Super Bounce' in Recent Beta

Courtesy of Blizzard

Mercy players in the latest Overwatch 2 beta were treated to a surprise when one of them discovered a powerful "super bounce" trick. The trick allows players to move up and down in an extremely fast manner. The high mobility provided by this trick makes it extremely difficult to hit Mercy.

To use the trick, players must turn off the toggle on the Guardian Angel ability, making it stay active for only as long as the activating key is held. After doing that, players in combat can simply use the ability as normal but quickly press the jump button until its cooldown ends.

The so-called super bounce was discovered just after Blizzard removed a similar ability, known as the super jump, and allows Mercy players to somewhat compensate for their sudden loss in mobility. That removal took place in the first round of balance changes Blizzard made when releasing the second Overwatch 2 beta June 28.

This second beta will run through July 18, giving players plenty of time to try out the balance changes included in the update. Blizzard will continue to update the game over the course of the beta, and will incorporate feedback from players as it continues to develop Overwatch 2 ahead of its full release Oct. 4.