Overwatch 2 Skins Might Be Sold for up to $45

Blizzard Entertainment

Twitter user Portergauge may have some bad news for fans of Overwatch 2. The highly anticipated sequel will be free-to-play, but according to a tweet, cosmetic skins might be on sale for as high as $45. This insane price point was revealed in a fan survey as a result of the last beta.

The tweet stated that mythic skins would be priced at $44.99, legendary skins at $24.99, and weapon charms at $9.99.

The screenshots attached also detail cosmetic packages for $4.99, $19.99, and $29.99. It is unclear at this time how these bundles and prices will play into Overwatch 2's planned battle pass, but Blizzard may be taking a page from Valorant's playbook.

Valorant has a battle pass, but the game also includes skins for sale, as well as bundles that are priced up to $119.99. Despite the hefty prices, Valorant has had plenty of success with its model and it looks like Blizzard is interested in joining in on that success.

Luckily there is no official word on if Overwatch 2 really will sell skins for as much as $45, as fan feedback may deter Blizzard from going through with it. With an Oct. 4 release date, only time will tell if these microtransactions will make it into Overwatch 2.