Overwatch 2 Soujorn and Mercy to Receive Nerfs

Fan-favorite heroes are getting nerfed in Overwatch 2.
Fan-favorite heroes are getting nerfed in Overwatch 2. / Blizzard

Overwatch 2's meta could be shaking up soon. In the wake of consistent complaints by Overwatch 2 players, heroes Sojourn and Mercy have reportedly been lined up for changes in an upcoming update to the game. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming nerfs to Sojourn and Mercy.

As is typical of competitive multiplayer games, dominant strategies are constantly shifting and emerging. Although developers do their best to keep games fair and balanced, in theory allowing anyone to play any hero they want to enjoy a reasonable level of competitive power, sometimes overpowered combos to emerge. Historically, these have included Dive, GOATS and Bunker strategies that often took turns dominating the meta despite consistent changes.

Now, a new dominant strategy has emerged, and players aren't happy.

Overwatch 2 Soujorn and Mercy to Receive Nerfs

According to Overwatch 2 Community Manager Jodie Grace, Sojourn and Mercy are receiving nerfs in an upcoming Overwatch 2 update. In a January 21 tweet, Grace acknowledged that the prevalence of the Sojourn-Mercy pocket is frustrating. In a separate tweet, Executive Producer Jared Neuss said Season 3 announcements are coming soon, and that players should expect more consistent communication from the team going forward.

While it's currently unknown what changes are in store for Mercy and Sojourn, or which of the two will receive the most severe nerf, it may be reassuring to players fed up with having to play against Sojourn and Mercy consistently to know changes are on the way. In the meantime, players can look forward to the returning Overwatch World Cup, which is coming this year after a substantial hiatus.