Overwatch 2 Tier List Created by Community Members

Courtesy of Blizzard

The Overwatch community is so close to getting their hands on the Overwatch 2 beta, and many are excited to see how the sequel holds up.

But even before the beta is released to the masses, community members in the competitive Overwatch scene like Samito, Custa, and YourOverwatch have gathered enough information to put together a Reddit tier list based on what they've seen.

Tier List
Tier List based off information from community members / Courtesy of F1gment

The first thing one notices is just how many heroes are in the niche category, while many can agree that Torbjorn and Symmetra belong, it's bizarre that the two most popular supports, Mercy and Zenyatta, are relegated to this category. Mercy is noted n the document accompanying it as potentially the worst support in the game. Orisa is also slapped with the"niche" category label despite Blizzard completely reworking her.

In addition, characters like Baptiste, Sombra, and Cassidy, characters with a high skill ceiling are stuck in the "average" category.

This poses some serious concerns regarding the meta, why would Blizzard slog these very popular and versatile heroes down?

Document accompanying the Reddit Meta
Document accompanying the Reddit Meta / Courtesy of F1gment

At the top of the meta lies Lucio, a respectable choice, as he's always been one who can both deal damage and act as a viable support. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum lies Roadhog, who is stated to be the single worst character in the game, ironically followed by Junkrat as second worst.

While we still won't have full access to the Beta until the 26, the template given with the tier list provides at least a basic idea of what to expect.

The list isn't set in stone, however, and we can expect that Blizzard will be taking all the feedback given and using it to pump out the best version of the game possible.