Overwatch 2 Will Have a Reworked Ranked Mode

Ranked in Overwatch 2 might look a bit different
Ranked in Overwatch 2 might look a bit different / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

With Overwatch 2 somewhere on the horizon for 2022, fans and players have been wondering how Blizzard will address certain changes and fixes toward the game. In particular, the subject of ranked play has been something on plenty of Overwatch players, pros, and content creators' minds. After an AMA with developers, there may be some more information available now.

According to a Tweet from Overwatch content creator Bad Pachimari, the development team had particular thoughts on how to make the game and its seasons feel more important to the players.

In the quote, Scott Mercer, the principal designer for Overwatch, explicitly states that seasons are something the development team is, "looking at from the ground up." He goes on to reference their desire to maintain players' excitement throughout the entirety of a season, as well as make each season stand out, feel different, and still stay with the player long after a season ends.

While these changes aren't specific as of yet, this quote certain demonstrates that ranked is on the development team's mind, and that providing changes to ranked is a priority. Most likely, as Overwatch 2 draws closer to its launch date, the development team will provide more concrete information regarding not only ranked, but changes and fixes all throughout the hero shooter.

In a developer livestream on May 20, the Overwatch 2 team announced major changes to PVP, including the switch to a 5v5 format, demonstrating further that the developer team is willing to change certain aspects of the game, including core elements, if it makes the game better for the players.