Overwatch animated shorts are the bread and butter of Overwatch lore. These impeccably realized short stories add depth and flavor to the game's characters with a level of professional polish that has made fans clamor for a full-length movie.

But not all of Overwatch's animated shorts are created equal. Here are the three best, ranked in order of greatness.

3. Dragons

"Dragons" was the third Overwatch animated short to see release, and it was the first to bring legitimate emotion to the game. Where previous videos laid the stakes as being good vs. evil, "Dragons" made it personal between the Shimada brothers. Tying their story in with the fable of the two dragons made it all the more moving.

2. Infiltration

"Infiltration" helped introduce us to Sombra in one of the most exciting shorts in Overwatch. Her playful personality and hacking prowess made her an instant hit among Overwatch fans, and her now-infamous boop has a permanent place in Overwatch history. Zarya's cameo at the end doesn't hurt, either.

1. Rise and Shine

Where all the rest of Overwatch's shorts relies on violence for its moment to moment action, "Rise and Shine" pushes boundaries in its pacifism. Mei's struggle is one of ingenuity rather than killing ability, and this short excels because of it. Throw in a little cute Snowball action, and you've got the recipe for the best Overwatch animated short yet.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard