Overwatch Anniversary 2020 Details Leaked

Overwatch's 2020 Anniversary Event has been leaked on the game's competitive Subreddit.
Overwatch's 2020 Anniversary Event has been leaked on the game's competitive Subreddit. / Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Anniversary 2020 details were leaked showcasing what's to come in one of the biggest in-game events of the year.

Nearly four years ago, Blizzard would launch their coveted team-based, role-playing shooter game Overwatch. Featuring a plethora of heroes, a blooming esports scene, and a passionate fan base that keeps on growing, so is the game's time on the market.

A lot can happen in four years, especially in the gaming world. To celebrate, Blizzard is supposedly planning on launching the Overwatch Anniversary event. In the past, Blizzard has commemorated Overwatch with a limited-time anniversary event for every year since its inauguration.

Overwatch Anniversary 2020 Details Leaked

The details of 2020's celebration emanate from a prominent Reddit leaker by the username of bloomer_ow, who has asserted that the event will be part of PTR patch 1.48 and release on Tuesday, May 12. Leaked on the game's competitive subreddit, bloomer_ow has been spot on with previous claims, successfully leaking the Experimental Mode patch only a couple weeks ago.

Additionally, Overwatch insider OverwatchNaeri has thrown light onto new, pre-registered Overwatch videos, potentially acting as a foreshadow for the Anniversary event.

Acting as the game's most anticipated and reputable limited-time event, its speculated Tuesday release date sure seems hopeful with renown leakers backing it up.

As with all Overwatch Anniversary events, this one is sure to release jaw-dropping, rare skins for all fans to enjoy. Just make sure you have saved up enough coins before you go all-in on outfits for your favorite Heroes.

UPDATE 5/12/20 (4:00 p.m. ET): A new leak was posted to Reddit showcasing potential skins coming with the Overwatch Anniversary 2020 event.