Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Update: 3 Biggest Takeaways

The Overwatch Anniversary Update has arrived once more
The Overwatch Anniversary Update has arrived once more / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

The new Overwatch update has arrived, marking the fifth year since the game's release, and Blizzard has implemented some changes to the ever-popular hero shooter to mark this special occasion. With Overwatch 2 somewhere on the horizon and the growing popularity of other similar games like Valorant, some dedicated fans have burning questions about what this update means for the future of both the game and the future of the series.

Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Update: 3 Biggest Takeaways

1. The Game Isn't Dead

Overwatch Ashe
Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

This shouldn't be incredibly surprising, of course, but compared to when it first launched, Overwatch's player base has dipped. Many point to the release of other popular multiplayer games, or just some players experiencing a general malaise with the game, but Overwatch is still kicking, with many fans expressing their excitement regarding the new update on Twitter and other social media platforms.

2. What's Old is New Again

Overwatch Moira
Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

That being said, many fans are expressing not so much their displeasure with the new update, but a sense of apathy towards it. Blizzard has already stated there won't be any new heroes added to the roster until Overwatch 2, and a lack of variety or new game modes has turned so fans off entirely. For some players, shiny new skins aren't enough of an enticement to lure them back to Overwatch. But there may be one thing that can.

3. Overwatch 2 is Almost Here, but Not Yet

Overwatch Echo
Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Putting #1 and #2 together, you get #3. It's speculation, of course, but a lack of concrete content in this update may be proof enough that Overwatch 2 is nearly out of the oven. Blizzard has already confirmed that Overwatch 2 won't be out in 2021, but the first half of 2022 could be prime real estate for a release as anticipated as this one. Only time will tell.