Overwatch Anniversary Event 2020: 5 Things Blizzard Should Include

Courtesy of Blizzard
Courtesy of Blizzard /

The Overwatch Anniversary event is (presumably) only a month away and everybody has their own opinion of what it should include this time around. This is Overwatch's fourth birthday, so this year's event could shape up to be the best one yet.

Last year, Overwatch had a different seasonal brawl available each day from the other events throughout the year. This year since 5 is a big milestone, there should be something even more exciting.

Overwatch Anniversary 2020 Wish List

1. Blast from the Past

Bastion when he still had his own shield.
Bastion when he still had his own shield. / Courtesy of Blizzard

As Overwatch gets older, it's important to give players a sense of nostalgia of what the game used to be like. The best way to do that? Bring back an old version of the game, as far back as the beta. Bastion had a shield and Mercy could still resurrect the whole team. It was chaos and we want to relive it.

2. Party Hats

We saw googly eyes for April Fools Day, so we want to see party hats on all the heroes during the celebration. In 2017, Blizzard released a series of printable party hats, but having them in game would be so much better. They would make great sprays and it would be great if they could at least show up on the menu background to celebrate Overwatch's birthday more than they have in the past.

3. Make Overwatch Free-to-Play

Since Overwatch 2 is coming out so soon, why not expand the birthday celebration and invite absolutely everyone. This isn't meant to be a free weekend but instead a permanent change that might convince more people fall in love with the game and buy Overwatch 2 when it comes out.

4. Add Fan-made Skins to the Game

In all five years of the game, Overwatch has never put a fan-made skin in the game. They have the opportunity to do a contest and select the best Overwatch skins to put in the game. It's a great way to celebrate the game and the fans that have kept it going for five years.

5. Birthday Party Cinematic

Overwatch hasn't released any cinematics since 2018. It would be nice to see one final animated short similar to Junkertown: The Plan as a final send off as the game transitions to Overwatch 2 which has already begun since Echo will be the last new hero.