Overwatch Anniversary Skins: Past Anniversary Skins

Overwatch Anniversary Skins are some of the best, most creative skins in the game. The Overwatch developers celebrate the release of the game in late May every year with a host of new cosmetics, mini games, and other features. In preparation for the 2019 event, let's do a run down of which heroes will likely get new skins in this year's Anniversary.

Overwatch Anniversary Skins

Every Anniversary event so far has seen 11 skins released. Six heroes have had a new skin released in each of the two Anniversary events thus far: D.Va (Cruiser and this year's first skin Academy), Soldier 76 (Cyborg: 76 and Venom), Lucio (Jazzy and Bitrate), Tracer (Graffiti and Lightning), Symmetra (Oasis and Magician), and Bastion (Dune Buggy and Stealth).

With so many heroes in the game now, it would be unprecedented and unexpected to see one of these heroes get another skin this year, so expect to see some of the newer heroes get some cool Anniversary skins.

The Overwatch Anniversary event is slated to start on May 21. With the new D.Va Academy skin already out, its time to be hyped for what the other ten skins will be.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment