Overwatch Archives: 3 Possible Themes for the 2020 Event

Widowmaker steps out from her estate walls
Widowmaker steps out from her estate walls / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Archives has been known as a story-driven, lore-themed event that aims to fill in some of the gaps within the team's history. The Archives are unique among those offered to its audience as they allow players to earn all cosmetic rewards from previous seasonal events. There have been three so far—Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising—each featuring multiple characters with their own plot concepts for players to follow.

Here are three of the most interesting possible themes for the upcoming Overwatch Archives event.

3 Possible Themes for the 2020 Overwatch Archives

1. Operation White Dome

Eichenwalde Castle interior
Eichenwalde Castle interior / Blizzard Entertainment

Since Archives tends to expand on events already mentioned in lore, getting more information on what really happened during Operation White Dome should be on the table. This was a mission that took place during the Omnic Crisis and was led by Ana Amari with the goal of putting down omnic resistance in Istanbul. She was accompanied by Reinhardt, Torbjörn, and a third member—one Emre Sarioglu. The team was originally ambushed, but were able to subdue the insurgents with Reinhardt saving Torbjörn's life. Both men were badly damaged during the attack. This was also the incident that took Torbjörn's arm and eye.

2. The Anubis Project

Ana Amari steps into the spotlight
Ana Amari steps into the spotlight / Blizzard Entertainment

Not much is known about the elusive Anubis Project aside from its location and its failure. This event refers to the escape of the god program, Anubis, after Overwatch was disbanded. Its containment was looked after by Helix Security International, who failed to keep the program contained for a period of time. While a team featuring our very own Ana Amari did end up regaining control in the end, this period in Overwatch history would be perfect to explore. The fallout Egypt and Cairo faced could be an intricate story to explore and paves the way for Ana to step into the spotlight.

3. Reinhardt and Brigitte

Reinhardt being summoned from "Honor and Glory"
Reinhardt being summoned from "Honor and Glory" / Blizzard Entertainment

There's a decently large gap to be filled with the relationship between Reinhardt and Brigitte. We know that she acts like his squire and they train together nearly every day. Additionally, we know they were on the road for quite some time to spread honor and help those in need. It would be interesting to see the shenanigans these two got up to while no one was looking. Perhaps they ran into another member of Overwatch during this time?