Overwatch Archives: 5 Heroes Who Should Receive a Skin for the 2020 Event

Overwatch Archives skins are incoming!
Overwatch Archives skins are incoming! / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Archives is set to be the next event this year and players are excited about more cosmetics and skins.

Archives has always allowed players to earn previous seasonal rewards alongside its own unique skins for that year's featured heroes. Typically, these skins have something to do with the character's past experiences—whatever they may be. The potential for lore expansion is nearly limitless.

Here are the top five heroes we think deserve a new cosmetic skin in the 2020 Overwatch Archives.

Overwatch Archives: 5 Heroes Who Should Receive a Skin for the 2020 Event

1. Sigma

Hero 31: Sigma
Hero 31: Sigma / Blizzard Entertainment

Despite this hero recently making his way onto the roster last summer, Sigma is a prime choice for an Archives skin. There's an untapped well of potential here from his work as a renown scientist to his work as part of Talon. Perhaps Professor Sigma would throw anti-gravity chalk at his enemies who aren't paying close enough attention to the equation? A Talon skin would also be a nice way to round out the skin selections already available by including every member on the team.

2. Brigitte

Brigitte, sporting her custom-built armor
Brigitte, sporting her custom-built armor / Blizzard Entertainment

How many versions could Brigitte have gone through when creating her own set of armor—two, maybe three? If we're exploring the pasts of our favorite heroes this could be the perfect opportunity to showcase just how dedicated she was to fighting alongside Reinhardt. The art and effects team could have a blast with this one as Brigitte tried different styles, colors, and even weapons. The possibility of having a distinctly crusader-inspired Brigitte running around a map with Reinhardt would be incredible to see.

3. Roadhog

Roadhog and Junkrat outside Junkertown
Roadhog and Junkrat outside Junkertown / Blizzard Entertainment

Why doesn't Roadhog have any skins? Anything he has is pure comic relief, which is fine, but it's starting to get stale. He's one of the characters we know the least about on all fronts. All we have are his connection to Junkrat and Junkertown—which aren't the most concrete in and of themselves. What did Roadhog do before Junkrat? The Outback is too big of a place for this hero to not have a chance at an Archives skin.

4. Solider 76

Jack Morrison, also known as Soldier 76
Jack Morrison, also known as Soldier 76 / Blizzard Entertainment

Solider 76 has done a lot with his career. He was one of the founding members of Overwatch, a man of the military, commander of an elite field force, and eventually just a man trying to do his best in the world. Why not feature him in his military uniform and dog tags? Overwatch wouldn't pick up just any soldier. There's bound to be a significance to his career beyond his Soldier Enhancement Program.

5. Widowmaker

Widowmaker prepares to take a shot
Widowmaker prepares to take a shot / Blizzard Entertainment

Another elusive name in the Overwatch game. Widowmaker has a tragic and storied past with more inherently physical changes than most of the other characters we've come across. The multitude of points between beloved wife and dancer to cold-hearted assassin are enough to spark discussion. The real question players aren't asking is: who exactly was Amélie Lacroix? She did ballet, she loved her husband Gérard, and she supposedly knew a handful of Overwatch agents prior to being kidnapped by Talon. It would be interesting to see her before her transformation took place and the significance that would hold.