Overwatch Archives Start Date: When Does Storm Rising Begin?

Photo courtesy of Blizzard
Photo courtesy of Blizzard /

Overwatch Archives start date has been a mystery for the start of 2019, but Blizzard finally revealed the title, start date, and a few more hints at the next Overwatch event.

Storm Rising is the title of this year's Overwatch Archives event.

Overwatch Archives Start Date: When Does Overwatch Archives Start?

Overwatch Archives will begin on April 16 and will continue to May 6. The event will involve Tracer, Genji, Mercy, and Winston as they try to capture Doomfist in Havana, Cuba. On top of that, we got a possible hero tease.

"Sojourn" was the one talking during the audio file, but no official news or even the proper way to spell their name has been revealed. They seem to have some sway in the Overwatch organization, and though Sojourn can't order Morrison to send these agents on the mission, they are high enough ranked to at least advise Morrison.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard