Overwatch Archives Teaser 'Storm Rising' Reveals Many Hints

Photo courtesy of Blizzard
Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Another Overwatch Archives teaser went live Monday, this time with multiple hints toward this year's event and a possible new character.

The audio file was filled with clues, so make sure to pay attention.

Overwatch Archives Storm Rising Mission and Players

First, the event seems to take place some time after the King’s Row mission. Reinhardt recently had something happen to him so he is sidelined. The mission will have Tracer leading with Mercy, Genji, and Winston as support. It looks like you will be hunting down Doomfist or his shell company in Havana, Cuba.

Overwatch Archives Storm Rising Dates

The Overwatch event will be made available on April 16 through May 6.

Overwatch Archives Storm Rising Possible New Hero Tease

"Sojourn" was the one talking during the audio file, but no official news or even the proper way to spell her/his name has been revealed. She/he seems to have some sway in the Overwatch organization and while Sojourn can't order Morrison to send these agents on the mission, she/he is high enough ranked to at least advise Morrison.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard