Overwatch Ban Hammer on Over 10,000 Cheaters from Blizzard

Tracer escaping the law
Tracer escaping the law / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

The video game industry has its fair share of having cheaters in-game, but Blizzard has recently banned a large number of hackers.

The developers of Overwatch have been monitoring the characteristics of hackers over the past few years of the game, "A number of teams are dedicated to not only actioning accounts found guilty of hacking, but also improving our systems to help with automatic detection." community manager Josh Nash comments on Blizzard general discussions.

Sombra Hacking the System
Sombra Hacking the System / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

Overwatch Ban Hammer on Over 10,000 Cheaters from Blizzard

Developers want to be more communicative when it comes to anti-cheat, "We still stay busy between these larger ban waves, banning around a thousand accounts for cheating every week. Today, we’ve rolled out a ban wave that affected more than 10,000 accounts." The Overwatch team is analyzing the statistics that will help them come up with an optimized solution.

Nash didn't get into detail on how its system works to catch the cheaters in-game but the anti-cheat keeps tabs on the extra steps it takes hackers to use to disuse their software. When Overwatch systems anti-cheat is complete, this results in big ban waves weekly. The clean-up of the game will result in better environments for players to play fair. Overwatch 2 in development, the developer team will better predict cheater outcomes and be ready for the ban hammer when the sequel launches.