Overwatch battle royale has been brought to life by Blizzard in the Overwatch Workshop.

Once a fabled addition to the game after being shot down by Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard finally added essentially a template for a BR mode in the Workshop.

YouTube channel Unit Lost highlighted the new Workshop mode in a video.

Overwatch Battle Royale Comes to Life in Overwatch Workshop

The mode itself is called Fire Dome, so it's unclear if Blizzard actually intended to make this a battle royale template or just a showcase of the Workshop's potential.

Either way, the possibility for creating a battle royale mode is possible. As well as reimagining Wii Sports Bowling, Super Smash Bros. and more in Overwatch.

In Unit Lost's video, a giant ring is shown collapsing on the Village stage of Nepal. If you're caught in the ring, you take damage just as you would if you were in a zone or storm in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS or Fortnite respectively.

While Blizzard hasn't gone out and said, "Hey, here's Overwatch battle royale! Enjoy," the ground work has been laid out for creators to use the Overwatch Workshop and fully flesh out Overwatch BR.

Photo courtesy of Unit Lost